Frontend development

As a full-stack developer, I’ve worked with frontend technologies for over 6 years and have the skills and knowledge to work on a wide range of products, from legacy codebases running native JS (or jQuery) all the way through to modern SPAs, built with Angular or Vue.

If you’re running more of a web app, than a simple website that’s not a problem. I’m experienced with testing tools, build tools and modern frameworks. Being a full-stack developer, I’m also experienced with creating APIs and integrating frontend clients with them.

Freelance frontend services include, but are not limited to

  • SPAs/JAMStack – I favour Vue but also have experience with React & Angular. I've built sites with Gatsby, Nuxt & Eleventy so know my way around the JAMstack.
  • Native Javascript – including task automation, testing and build processes.
  • Design work and prototyping
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • Theming – WordPress, WooCommerce & Magento.
  • PSD to HTML/Wordpress
  • jQuery

So, if you’re looking for a freelance frontend developer in the North-east or the UK, please get in touch.